I acknowledge with respect that I work on the land of the people of the Kulin Nations, sovereignty was never ceded.


My work focuses on collaboration with both people and technology, sharing dialogue and knowledge whilst engaging methodologies of recording and diagramming. I am drawn to the overlooked - a photograph, an email, a word, preserving or recontextualising these references to reflect on relationships, movements and spaces.

I like riding my bike and making art with other people.


Bachelor Of Fine Art, 2016- 2019

Monash University



2020 JAN- Steady against the diagonal- c3 Contemporary Art Space- with Emma Berry, Melbourne

2019 OCT- Lean back, pass forward- Bus projects- with Emma Berry, Melbourne

2019 JUNE- I saw this and thought of you- Trocadero Art Space-  with Emma Berry, Melbourne

2019 JAN- Heat Amplifies Scent- BLINDSIDE Summer Studio- BLINDSIDE, With Emma Berry and Viva Hall, Melbourne

2019 JAN- A splinter in a wall- Rubicon ARI, Melbourne 

2018 SEPT- You, Me and the Gmail Robot- Intermission Gallery, with Emma Berry, Melbourne

2018 MAR- New Tougher Stuff- Intermission Gallery, Melbourne


2020 AUG- The Sugared Sewer Pipe, QIQ Gallery

2020 MAY- A Network of Gestures, George Paton Gallery, Virtual program

2019 OCT- The F Word 2019 fundraiser- Trocadero Art Space, Melbourne

2018 NOV- Monash Graduate Exhibition- MADA NOW, Melbourne

2018 MAR- Milk Crate - Intermission Gallery, Melbourne  

2018 FEB- Rent day 1 - House, Melbourne 

2017 NOV- MADA Open Studio, Melbourne 

2016 NOV- MADA Open Studio, Melbourne 

2015 NOV- SACE Art Show- Light Square Gallery, Adelaide



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