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I acknowledge with respect that I work on the land of the people of the Kulin Nations, sovereignty was never ceded.


I makes work about interrelations– focusing on middle grounds and connecting threads in an attempt to understand and to be understood. 


Bachelor Of Fine Art, 2016- 2019 Monash University

Honours 2021 Victorian College of the Arts


2023 MAY- Lexicon For A Fall- SEVENTH Gallery, Melbourne

2023 JAN- Also and also- Conners Conners Argyle Street, Melbourne

2022 DEC- Nose Dive- Article in UN Magazine Issue 16.2- A Collection of Annotated Bibliographies Vol 2. 

2022 MAY- Starting from the Middle-  Woven Projects- With Emma Berry

2020 JAN- Steady against the diagonal- c3 Contemporary Art Space- with Emma Berry, Melbourne

2019 OCT- Lean back, pass forward- Bus projects- with Emma Berry, Melbourne

2019 JUNE- I saw this and thought of you- Trocadero Art Space-  with Emma Berry, Melbourne

2019 JAN- Heat Amplifies Scent- BLINDSIDE Summer Studio- BLINDSIDE, With Emma Berry and Viva Hall, Melbourne

2019 JAN- A splinter in a wall- Rubicon ARI, Melbourne 

2018 SEPT- You, Me and the Gmail Robot- Intermission Gallery, with Emma Berry, Melbourne

2018 MAR- New Tougher Stuff- Intermission Gallery, Melbourne


2023 JAN- Significs, Conners Conners, Melbourne

2022 OCT- Zombie, Caves, Melbourne 

2022 OCT- Driving backwards on a one way street, Sawtooth Gallery and University of Tasmania- With Emma Berry, Launceston

2022 MAY- Hatched 2022, PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts), Perth

2022 APR- Unpredict, Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne, online
2021 APR- On The Screen In The Flesh, Trocadero Art Space, Midsumma Festival, with Emma Berry

2020 AUG- The Sugared Sewer Pipe, QIQ Gallery

2020 MAY- A Network of Gestures, George Paton Gallery, Virtual program




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