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Lexicon For A Fall
SEVENTH Gallery 2023

Trip, fall over, fall into, fall in love, float, fly, plummet, nose dive, leap, peer over the edge, jump to
conclusions, fall out, walk, land, fall and land again.
Everything is falling, I’ve been trying to chronicle this experience, both conceptually, physically and
emotionally. I try to navigate the free fall, plummet into my geolocated body and wave at the security
camera outside my loved ones door. Taking cues theory, fiction, everyday stumbles and emotional nose dives, I try to hang onto the idea of stable ground while the horizon spins out of control. Sparked by a search for stability, this work will hold onto the fall, focusing on the unstable ground, staring at a point in the distance so I don’t get motion sick, I keep my eye on both the vanishing point and the birds-eye- view so I don’t get lost.

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