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Also And Also
Conners Conners Argyle St 2023

I speak in order to locate myself alongside everything else. The moment unfolds and I see myself watching it, tracing desire-paths that lead above my head and arrive under my feet. We follow a line that separates as it connects; it marks out space and puts it aside for later, translated by difference, held up as the other. The diagram maps out an idea through the sum of its parts, it allows for stillness as time sheds its skin; stand still enough and feel the world shift. This connection holds things up as they fall into place, it plots out happenings on an axis of relation. 


Language translates time and slips through space, leaving a trail of ands and alsos. They are connected by a dotted line, formed by continuous interactions, influencing and being influenced, sensing and being sensed. This event is reflective, it has to exist in relation to other moments in order to exist at all, it asks to be experienced and encountered. The moment passes, into the infinite space between seeing, telling and listening that continues to be as close as possible. You can watch the feedback-loop ripple outward, movement turning to movement in turn – detect and respond. 

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