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moving at a different speed to the world, 

out of sync like waiting for time, and waiting for time to catch up.

An albatross leaves land for five years straight. Roughly the lifespan of a giant squid 

For five years the albatross follows the shadow of the squid, beak to beak 

In and out of equilibrium

They circumnavigate the earth in 46 days

a strange mirror, above and below 

Hold steady

Move alongside

The giant squid has three hearts, propelling itself forward, it draws water up into its body and forces it out again, 

It keeps in time with the bird, staying aligned 

For five years they are moored to each other; steadfast without ground 

The albatross can't fly without the wind, in a breeze it glides, flapping its wings once every 1000 meters 

Hover and float

Architeuthis and mollymawk

Moving in sync

and off tempo

waiting to catch up

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