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Collect everything said and then order it. Like photographs: collated and sorted: subject, object.

The words will sit without time: accumulated, obsessive, a rats nest.

At first theres a flash of light on the wall facing the window. Seconds later a bellow. Unexpected, it hasn’t gotten cold yet.

The last house had rats in the roof above the bed. And dead wasps on the windowsill. I collected the wasps in a snaplock bag and brought them one postcode north. When its hot, bees group under the new veranda by the front door.

The rain starts and the wind is pockmarked by small thuds as fruit is knocked from trees. Now the rain is so loud that I can’t hear the road.

Words collect in a pile on my floor. Whats up for discussion? I have 23 photographs of objects that I found on the ground. Two gardening gloves at the airport, a lemon on the train tracks.

Hail slams against the house. Knock on the windows, clatter like a roar.

Watch me make myself tangible. I own shares in our conversation because I remember it. I own the lemon and the bees and the rats. Everything is opaque and immediate.

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